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How it all works:

First choose the box or boxes you want to buy.  There are 6 box choices… Fruit Only, Veggie Only or the Fruit & Veggie Combo Box all in two sizes – Large and Small. The box contents change weekly depending on season and availability so click on the link below to see what’s in each box this week.

Next pick your location. If you found this site all on your own just choose the Pick Up site that is most convenient for you. If you are part of a group, organization, corporation, etc. or participating in a fundraiser you will find them listed by name in the Location drop down menu below and Click Here.  

Now place your order.  Just click on the order button to go to the order summary page where you can verify your order, your location and make your payment. 

Ordering more than one box? To order more than one box of the same kind and size (ex. 3 small Combo Boxes), first choose the box you want, then enter the number of boxes in the Oty: box and then click order. To order a number of different kinds of boxes (ex. 1 small Veggie, 1 large Fruit) you will need to select each box individually... Choose your first box, then click order and on the top of the next page you will see **Click Here to Add More Boxes**. Just click there and keep on ordering!


To see this week's recipes



To see what's in the boxes this week
(Contents are updated every Saturday)


                         Ordering is as Easy as 1, 2, 3...

1. Select Your Box :Small Fruit $25.25
Small Veggie $23.25
Small Combo $24.25
Large Fruit $49.50
Large Veggie $45.50
Large Combo $47.50
2. Pick A Location :
Click here for each locations order deadlines, pickup days and times.

         3. Place Your Order Qty:  

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